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"Irony is a calculated and artistically mastered incongruity between the meaning of the story told, and the manner of telling it" (Erich Heller)

“Dan is a composer with a unique and interesting voice. He is a pleasure to work with, demonstrating flexibility and excellent attention to detail. I have enjoyed performing and recording his works.” (Carla Rees, flutist and rarescale Artistic Director)


"Dan continues to challenge both performers and listeners with intriguing music that defies immediate categorisation and demands to be listened to." (Stuart Russell, Composer)


“There are over 650 pieces written for me but still I´m as happy as a child when I receive a new lovely piece, well written for my instrument. And that feeling I always had when I got the bass clarinet pieces by Dan. Always exciting, really well written for our beautiful instrument. His pieces are a real acquisition to the bass clarinet repertoire.” (Harry Sparnaay, Bass Clarinet Legend)

Latest News
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"Another Giant Has Left Us", for contrabass clarinet

13th August 2019

“European Clarinet Festival”

Camerino (Italy)

Sarah Watts contrabass clarinet


"Gesten", for electric guitar, theorbo and accordion

Milan (Italy) 13th April 2019

Azione_Improvvisa Ensemble

Pierpaolo Dinapoli electric guitar, Andrea Antonel theorbo, Margherita Berlanda accordion.

"Salotto Tucci", Milan

Dan Di Maggio_"Bardhezi"
performed by Akiko Kozato
Dan Di Maggio_"Experiment 52"
performed by Carla Rees and Karin de Fleyt
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